Aeration Specifications

Diffusing air into water is not a new concept and it does not have to be complex.  ADS manufactures fine bubble bottom-laid aeration to provide uniform oxygenation and mixing throughout the entire water column.

ADS Aeration Advantages

  • Oxygenation: Among the highest in the industry. Independently certified to ASCE standards to provide 3% / foot of water depth (SOTE)
  • Mixing: At 15 feet of water depth, 100 feet of ADS fine bubble aeration will pump/mix 25 MGD using less than 1 HP
  • Quiescent: Non-turbulent (laminar) flow of fine bubbles into water settles out suspended solids. Stored solids and sludge are not resuspended back into the water column
  • High efficiency: Several times more efficient than other available technologies. The end result is improved treatment and reduced electrical usage
  • User friendly:  Easy to install and maintain, without the need to dewater