Bubble Size

The mass-gas transfer of oxygen into water is directly proportional to the size of the bubble and its contact time in the water column. Fine bubbles need less energy to create, while providing a much greater surface area for oxygen transfer to occur. The same amount of energy is required to produce a single 1-inch bubble and a million 1/100-inch bubbles. 

In addition, bubbles larger than 1/10 inch in diameter are limited in their mixing capabilities due to the turbulent manner in which they move through water. ADS fine bubble aeration ranges from 1/8 inch to 1/64 inch in diameter, providing efficient mixing and unsurpassed oxygenation.

Fine bubble aeration:

  • Provides oxygenation and mixing throughout the entire water column
  • Suspended solids are settled out and will not be put back into suspension

Bubble Size Comparison

comparative bubble diameters