Design Data for ADS Ice Melting Systems

Please fill out the following form as completely as possible. This data allows ADS to design a custom ice melting aeration system for your application.

Please provide a drawing or sketch of the site showing contours, water depths, length, width, structures to be protected from ice damage, location of power, and any other pertinent details about your system. Indicate on sketch or blueprint any part of the structure NOT needing protection. Files must be in PDF format. See below for additional drawing requirements.
A sketch or drawing of the site is required for pipe sizing and complete system design. Your submission cannot be completed without a site sketch.
If you have more than one document to upload, combine them in a single .zip file first.
Floating ice
Currents and eddies
Other information
For floating docks, fixed structures, or wet storage of boats, provide the following information on a drawing or sketch: (1) Dimensions of piers or other structures, including width, length, number of pilings, size and distance between them. (2) If there are finger slips, how many, how long, and what is the spacing between them? (3) To protect a boat, slip, or other floating structure, give the water line length and width on the drawing. It is very important to indicate the actual depths immediately around the boat, dock, or floating structure at 15' intervals.