Design Data for ADS Wastewater Systems

Please fill out the following form as completely as possible. This data allows ADS to design a custom aeration system for your particular wastewater application.

Project Engineer

Design Permit Parameters

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Suspended solids
Ammonia or nitrogen

Design Conditions

Lagoon elevation
Water temperature

Existing Lagoon Information

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Bottom dimension
Water depth
Free board
Side slope
Volume (MG)
Age of lagoons
Est. sludge depth
Upload Documents

Please upload a scale drawing of your system. ADS will also need the following information in the form of a spreadsheet or daily or monthly records:

  • One year of inlet/outlet data
  • Existing treatment issues
  • Copy of existing NPDES permit
  • New discharge limits
  • Electrical service (volts & phase)
  • Any blower shelter
  • Any sludge data
  • Any industrial loads and the type of waste
A scale drawing of your system in PDF format is required for analysis of the project. Your submission cannot be completed without a drawing.
If you have more than one document to upload, combine them in a single .zip file first.