Air Diffusion Systems Installs 1,500 Fine Bubble Diffusers in Wastewater Lagoon

"Hattiesburg, MS (WDAM) - Engineers and contractors are working to improve and clean equipment and test water in Hattiesburg's south wastewater lagoon to improve efficiency and save money...

Clean equipment can pump more bubbles into the water. More air in the water keeps it cleaner and gets rid of the smell.

'Right now, there are 1,500 diffusers. Each one creates a billion bubbles, so if you do the math, 1,500 times a billion, you have 1.5 trillion bubbles out here that turn over 30 million gallons of water every two to three minutes.' [said John Hinde, president of Air Diffusion Systems, which created the aeration system in Hattiesburg's lagoon.]

Keeping that system running efficiently keeps the city from spending extra money in energy costs.

'We're saving approximately 20 percent on our energy bill because we've been able to cut back on some of the blowers here,' [Carter Carroll, Hattiesburg City Council president] said. 'We spend about $1 million a year on electricity, so 20 percent is a substantial amount of savings.'"

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