ADS Fine Bubble Aeration

One of the most effective ways to provide efficient oxygenation and mixing is by using ADS fine bubble aeration. The ADS disk module with 100' of "LTC" aeration will deliver 1 billion bubbles per day, mixing 25 million gallons per day @ 15' water depth, requiring 8 SCFM of oil-free air.

ADS "LTC" Disk Module

The ADS "LTC" disk module is the most cost effective and energy efficient way to add oxygenation and mixing to any body of water. Each "LTC" disk contains 100' of our fine bubble aeration secured inside of a 4' diameter stainless steel frame.

ADS System Installation at Lake Eau Claire

In early June of 2015, Air Diffusion Systems installed 15 of our linear triple cut disk modules into Lake Eau Claire to assist with reversing the effects of eutrophication. Since installation, this system has seen dissolved oxygen levels rise lake-wide to 7 mg/l or higher.

Firestone Walker Brewery

Video tour of Firestone Walker Brewery's wastewater treatment system designed by Air Diffusion Systems and EP Aeration.

ADS Installation at Niner Winery

EP Aeration, California's authorized distributor of Air Diffusion Systems (ADS), is proud to announce the completion of a state of the art wastewater treatment system at Niner Wine Estates: A Super-Premium, Central Cost Winery located on Highway 46 West.

ADS Installation at Odell Illinois

In June of 2009 ADS completed a project to upgrade an existing WWTP lagoon at Odell, IL. The primary lagoon was initially too large so an earthen dike was constructed to minimize the size of this lagoon and the equipment needed to treat the wastewater.

ADS Installation at East Fork Lake

Air Diffusion Systems installed 11 "LTC" fine bubble disk diffusers at East Fork Lake in November of 2009. East Fork Lake has been using potassium permanganate and other chemicals in the past to correct issues with iron, manganese, odor, taste, and clarity of the drinking water.

ADS Ice Melting & Prevention

Our ice prevention system circulates warm bottom water to the surface, preventing the water temperature from dropping below 32 degrees. Applications include aquaculture, water tanks, marinas, lakes and ponds. All of our aeration products are UV resistant, and can remain permanently installed outdoors under the water.

Columbia Illinois Wastewater Lagoon Treatment Case Study

Columbia, IL treatment of domestic and industrial waste for a community of approximately 15,000 people. The lagoons have been engineered with fine bubble aeration to meet new discharge limits. The wastewater facility has been awarded Best Operating Facility for its class in Illinois by the ILEPA.