Aquaculture Aeration

Whether you raise catfish, shrimp, tilapia, prawns, minnows, trout, bass or any other type of aquatic life, there are many benefits obtained by incorporating ADS fine bubble aeration treatments into your operation including reduced energy costs, increased production, and healthier aquatic life.

ADS Aquaculture Aeration Advantages

  • Simple design, installation, and operation - only one moving part
  • Custom designed for each application
  • Unsurpassed mixing provides uniform distribution of oxygen
  • Reduced energy
  • Doubles production
  • Minimizes fish kills, especially in winter months
  • Increases stocking density
  • During power outages or emergencies, liquid oxygen can be injected
ADS fine bubble aeration greatly improved our dissolved oxygen levels and tripled the yield of our fish farming operation. Highly recommended!

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