Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB's) Treatment

Many of the problems associated with eutrophic lakes and ponds stem from poor circulation, a deficiency in available oxygen, and an excessive build-up of nutrients.  Eutrophic lakes and ponds are significantly more likely to develop algae including, Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB’s)

The equation for algal growth is very straightforward:  Sunlight + Warm Water + Nutrients + Carbon = Algae.  Artificially oxygenating and circulating cooler, denser, bottom water to the surface is an effective deterrent to HAB's formation and can provide favorable conditions for native plants to outcompete algae for nutrients and carbon.

Aeration is not a panacea or cure-all, but one of many tools used to control algae and HAB's in aquatic ecosystems. A two-pronged approach consisting of lake aeration with the addition of beneficial bacteria will provide the best results.

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We have installed ADS disk modules at dozens of lakes, and the water quality improvements are consistently impressive. The combination of the ADS disk module and Lake Clarifying Bacteria (LCB) have made a big difference in preventing and minimizing harmful agal blooms during the summer.
— Rich Dennis, President @ E.P. Aeration

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