Ice Prevention & Ice Melting "Bubblers" / Aeration

Ice formation can cause structural damage to moored boats, pilings, retaining walls, docks, or entire marinas. 

In cold climates, bottom lake water continually absorbs heat from the earth below, keeping it well above freezing. Unfortunately, this warmer bottom water is thermally stratified, due to density and temperature differences.

ADS ice melting aeration circulates this slightly warmer bottom water to the surface, melting ice or preventing its formation in the first place.

ADS Ice Prevention & Melting Advantages

  • Simple design, installation, and operation - only one moving part
  • Custom designed for each application
  • Works even when air temperature falls below -30 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Retroactive: melts 1 to 2 inches of ice per hour
  • Proactive: prevents ice from forming
  • Deeper water provides improved performance
The Menominee Marina has utilized ADS for almost twenty years.  The products supplied have always met our expectations. We aerate four two hundred eighty foot long docks using two compressors on the inboard end of the dock and two on the outboard end. These all feed the main supply lines which branch off into the individual  ring hoses.  System works well even in the biter Michigan winters.  ADS has always been extremely helpful and have adjusted to the available technology.  We have never looked elsewhere. 
— Bill Cavill, Harbor Master Manager for Menominee Marina

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