Sludge Reducing Bacteria (SRB)

For close to 30 years, ADS has successfully incorporated “bio-augmentation” (sludge reduction) programs at hundreds of wastewater treatment facilities across the United States with great success.  In 2011, We teamed up with a local biotech company to derive a specific formulation of beneficial bacteria and trace nutrients for reducing Fats, Oils, Grease, & Sludge (FOGS).  We named it “Sludge Reducing Bacteria” (SRB) because of how effective it was at naturally digesting accumulated organics.  

SRB comes in 1.1 pound (0.5 kilogram) dissolvable packets that can be thrown directly into wastewater from shore, or diluted down with water and administered at lift stations, manholes, primary inlet, or anywhere sludge has settled.  SRB is equally effective in aerated and non-aerated basins alike.  A 3-6 month SRB program provides effective sludge reduction at a fraction of the cost and working hours associated with physical sludge removal.  Contact ADS for a custom no-obligations SRB quotation.

ADS's Sludge Reducing Bacteria (SRB) is the real deal. After decades of accumulation, the sludge extended nearly all the way to the surface in our 6 foot deep 32 acre aerated lagoon. SRB reduced the sludge layer by several feet in the first year, saving hudreds of thousands of dollars compared with physical removal, while aslo improving overall treatment achieved.
— Scott Howard, Sterling IL Wastewater Superintendent

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