Wastewater Aeration Treatment

Trusted for over 60 years, Air Diffusion Systems’ fine bubble aeration systems can reduce BOD, TSS, nitrogen, and phosphorus levels to single-digit concentrations at domestic & industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Our aeration systems are custom designed for each application, easy to install, virtually maintenance free, and designed to last longer than 20 years with proper maintenance.

ADS fine bubble diffusers are independently certified to "ASCE" oxygen transfer testing standards to deliver the highest level of oxygen of any commercially available fine bubble technology.

ADS’ wastewater aeration systems are low-cost, energy-efficient, and 100% biological (no chemicals required).

ADS Wastewater Aeration Treatment Advantages:

  • Simple design, installation and operation - only one moving part!
  • Custom design for each application
  • 20-year minimum life expectancy
  • Highest independently certified ASCE oxygen transfer rate
  • Low-cost, Energy-efficient (state, federal, and private financing options available!)
  • 100% biological, no chemicals required
  • No sludge or dewatering is necessary for installation or maintenance
  • Virtually maintenance free
We couldn't be any happier with the ADS fine bubble diffuser system. The 18 disk modules are consistenetly treating our raw leachate from 4,000 mg/l BOD to less than 100 mg/l. The maintenance is super easy and the aeration system has exceeded our expectations
— Jon Baughman, Blue Ridge Landfill Operations Manager

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